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Upcoming Events
- School Committee Meeting
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
- School Committee Meeting
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
- School Committee Meeting
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
School Announcements
2015-16 School Bus Routes
Please click here to find this year's school bus routes.
Back-to-School Anxiety?
The following link contains some information that may assist you and your child, if affected by this issue.  

Summer Reading and Math packets K-12
Summer Math Packets
Math Packets for our Kindergarten through fourth grade students can be found on the Westerly Public School webpage.  We encourage all families to access this mathematics resource as a way to keep students engaged and current in math skills. If you are in need of a paper copy, please contact the school.


Enjoy your summer!

4th Grade Promotion Ceremony- Streaming Live!
If you are unable to attend the 4th Grade Moving Up Ceremony on Monday, June 22nd, have no fear!  You can join us by watching live stream on YouTube.  Follow this link to virtually participate in the Dunn's Corners 4th Grade Moving Up Ceremony!


4th Grade Promotion Ceremony- UPDATE!
The 4th Grade Promotion Ceremony will take place at 6:00 pm on Monday, June 22.  

Due to the needs of our 4th grade families, each student may now have 4 guests in the gymnasium.  Additional guests are invited to the library, where the ceremony will be streaming live.  
Moving in or out of DCS
Moving?  Please call Mrs. Butler at (401) 348-2320.

If you are transferring to Dunn's Corners school, Mrs. Butler will schedule a school tour and answer any questions you may have.  If you haven't registered your child yet, please remember to call (401) 315-1570 to set up an appointment at Central Registration. 

If you are transferring OUT of Dunn's Corners school, we will prepare your child's records to be sent to his or her new school (once registered).  
June 26- LAST DAY!
Friday, June 26th will be our last day of school!  It will be a HALF DAY. Students will be dismissed at 12:00 after having lunch.

Summer tips:
                             Wear sunscreen & stay hydrated
Read books
Get outside
   Keep a journal
                           Enjoy a SAFE & SMART summer!
End-of-Year Checklist
Just a few reminders...
  1. Lunch balances must be paid in full by June 26th.
  2. Return your library books!
  3. Check the Lost & Found; all items remaining after June 26 will be donated.
  4. Medications must be picked up from the clinic.​
  5. Enjoy the rest of the school year!
Wednesday, June 17: Fun Day (Grades K, 1 & 2)
Grades K-2 will rotate through 11 different fun activities which will begin at 9:00 and conclude at 11:45.  Parents and friends are invited to bring a lunch to share with their child from 12:00-12:45.  The day will conclude with Closing Ceremonies in the gymnasium at 12:45.

REMINDER:  It is important to note that Field Day & Fun Day are full school days.  Dismissal of students will take place at the regularly scheduled time.  Children need to wear comfortable, short sleeve t-shirts (no tank tops, bathing suits, etc.) along with sneakers and socks.  Please make sure your child wears sunscreen.  We ask that guests please bring their own lawn chairs or a blanket to sit on.
Meal Charge Policy
The district "Meal Charge Policy (2800)" will be in effect on Monday, April 27.  Some highlights are listed below:
  • Students without lunch money will be allowed to charge a lunch, and repayment is expected within two (2) school days
  • When a student’s balance reaches negative ten dollars (-$10.00) or below, the student will receive a lunch consisting of a cheese sandwich, fruit, and milk.  This will be in place of a full hot lunch.  You will be charged full price for this lunch, and the charge will be added to your negative balance.  You can avoid this by arranging a payment plan with Aramark
  • The Food Service Vendor and building principal will be made aware of any negative lunch balances below -$10.00
  • Parents are expected to pay the balances in full by the end of the school year; NO balances will be carried forward to next year
  • Please submit a free/reduced lunch application if necessary.  It is also recommended that www.myschoolbucks.com be utilized to make payments and/or keep track of your child’s balance
The full policy can be viewed by clicking here:  http://westerly-school-committee.westerlyps.schoolfusion.us/modules/locker/files/get_group_file.phtml?gid=992122&fid=27432123
March 25th- Walk Thru Rehearsal Schedule
All School Play Schedule & Costume Info
Eat Healthy Rhode Island
Rhode Island 2015-2020 PK-12 Strategic Plan for Education

The Rhode Island Board of Education and the Rhode Island Department of Education are thrilled to launch Rhode Island’s PK-12 strategic planning process, which will result in a statewide vision for education through 2020. The Rhode Island Council on Elementary and Secondary Education wants your input to direct our state's Strategic Plan for Education for the next five years. Click on the link below to take part in the survey.

Veterans Day- no school
Just a reminder that there is no school on Tuesday, November 11 due to Veteran's Day.
Our staff is available to supervise students starting at 8:25am.  Please refrain from dropping your children off prior to that time.

Don’t forget that students must be wearing socks and sneakers in order to participate in PE.  

The lost & found has already begun to accumulate many items!  Please use a permanent marker to write your child’s name on the tags of their outerwear.

When you have to make a dismissal change, it is important to complete the gold forms provided to you.  This process ensures that the teacher and the front office are aware of the change.  Please contact Mrs. Pasetti in the front office when you need more forms. She can be reached at 348-2326.  
School News
Welcome to Our School

  Welcome to Dunn's Corners Elementary School

News and Announcements
Arrival and Dismissal Procedures...Safety and Security is our number one priority!!
Arrival by Car:  Parents are asked to drive their child to the front entrance of the school.  Children should exit the car from the right side and walk directly into the school. If parents are planning on coming into the building, please plan to park in the designated Visitor Parking areas.
Dismissal and Parent Pick-Up: Adults picking children up after school are asked to wait in one of the two lines that forms within the school parking lot. Adults will be asked to present identification and sign students out.  Dunn's Corners School offers a "building to car" service to insure a safe and secure dismissal procedure. Please note** If there is to be a change in the adult authorized to pick a child up from school, parents must complete a Change of Dismissal form and send it to school with the child.  No verbal/phone changes to the pick up procedure will be honored.

Walk-a-Thon Supports "Team Jesse"

Friday, September 26th was the day our students and their teachers walked the grounds of Dunn's Corners School in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness month and to support one of our own kindergarten students....Way to go "Team Jesse"!! 

 “FLESS:” a Spanish language learning program that will be provided for all elementary students in Westerly Public Schools during this school year. Foreign Language Early Start Spanish (FLESS), by definition, is a proficiency-based sequential language learning program which aims to provide students with introductory linguistic and cultural competency in Spanish.  Leaders in our district have chosen this model for early language learning in light of the fact that it is strongly supported by an overwhelming amount of research in the field of education and has been adopted and implemented successfully by many other school districts, locally and throughout our country. This year, students will participate in the program for 40 minutes once every other week for the duration of one semester.  Those attending Springbrook and Dunn’s Corners will have FLESS during the first semester and students at Bradford and State Street will have it the second semester.  
Family Engagement
  • Open Doors at DCS 10/1 from 6-7:00 p.m.:  Here's your opportunity to take a peek at your child's classroom and to hear an overview of components of our curriculum. Get a chance to meet our specialists...Ms. Riley (Art), Mrs.Wagner and Mr.B (Music), Mrs. Blier (SNT), and Mr. Serra (PE).
School Mission (Why we exist)
Dunn's Corners School provides developmentally-appropriate learning experiences for each child in a caring and stimulating learning environment to establish the foundation of lifelong learning.

We will close achievement gaps in special education, increase proficiency levels for all students, and bring greater numbers of students to the achievement category: proficient with distinction.

Mission of Westerly Public Schools:
To create an inspiring, challenging and supportive environment where students are encouraged and assisted in reaching their highest potential.
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